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Announcing our first soundware product!

Salad Spynner is a set of seven Ableton Live racks and 213 drum hits harvested from the SonicCharge Synplant synth. This collection of sounds is replete with beeps, boops, blasts, fizzles, sizzles, and kerplonks, all infused with the unique character of Synplant. The racks feature macros that are tuned to deliver a wide variety of sounds. And it's a great value at $3.86! Available for purchase and immediate download in our online store.

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Monome 128 Enclosure Kit

At long last, here are some detailed photos of the Monome 128 enclosure kit. The chassis is a formed piece of sheet metal, with mounting holes that will fit either Arduino or Monome mk logic board:

The end caps are available in walnut or clear polycarbonate. They fit neatly on either end, as shown here:

Six screws hold everything together. They come up through the bottom of the chassis, through the end-caps, and attach to the faceplate itself.

These enclosures are an attractive, durable housing for your Monome!

The kit includes the chassis, end-caps, and all necessary assembly hardware. The faceplate, also shown here, is sold separately.

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Loomis Monome 256: Art Meets Sound

Here is a really cool build of a Monome 256 kit by Loomis. The housing features one of our 256 polycarbonate faceplates enclosed by a re-purposed picture frame. Custom art on the sides was done by Ephraim Peniston ( The faceplate was roughed with sandpaper, and then had several coats of RustOleum applied, followed by a couple of coats of matte white. All in all quite a solid, attractive and functional piece!

Click for a larger view.

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Free Max for Live Psychoacoustic Spatializing Modifier!!!

Haasenfeffer was inspired by the Haas effect ( You can use Haasenfeffer to add subtle adjustments to the perceived "space" of stereo or mono sound sources. Delay times can be panned, or set independently for each channel. The filter frequency is adjusted around a center value, and each filter can be linked or panned as well. The X-Y pad approximates a sonic space by adjusting the balance of delay times and filter levels.

While playing around with this effect, I decided it would be beneficial to have two modes for how the filters interact in the X-Y display. One mode has the L/R frequencies linked, the other mode has them "pan" so that they go in sort of opposite directions. I may add LFOs to the X-Y pad in future versions, but these can be easily automated by some other great Max for Live devices available at

Download Haasenfeffer 0.5

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New Online Store

Hey, take a look at our new online store. It's a bit fancier than it was before, and soon alongside our faceplates there will be a nice selection of new products including the upcoming monome enclosure kit, and spacing plates for projects using the SparkFun button pads (they reduce button height a bit).

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