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SevenUp Live is KICK-ASS!!!

Okay I just installed SevenUp Live, and I have to say it's one of the sleekest most comprehensive packages for use with Monome/Arduinome controllers and Ableton Live. It has been out for a while in various forms, but judging from this version it's safe to say its creator has really spent a lot of time and effort making this software tight, functional, and fun as hell. It's like a Swiss army knife for Live. Seriously, this thing has got a step sequencer, sequencer, looper, controller, loop recorder, melodizer, and masterizer. Oh, and it's free. It supports multiple Monomes which is great because I've got like 6 of them. Just kidding, I have 10. Still kidding. I have barely gotten started on the step sequencer and I'm already salivating. This thing is going to make my Bliptronic the ultimate companion to my APC40.


Welcome to PraxWorld!

Hello and welcome! PraxWorld is all about sharing my experiences in creating electronic music. The first meaningful post will be documenting my setup with a Behringer FCB-1010 and Max for Live. This walkthrough will draw on a couple of excellent resources that are out there, and put them together in a way that, I fervently hope, will enable me to NEVER have to manually program the FCB-1010 again!!! Stay tuned...