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A Handy Utility for Shifting Notes

Here's a Max for Live patch I made a while back. In fact it's the first one I made! It's a MIDI pitch shifter that gives you the ability to shift the incoming notes by a given number of semitones. That way you can stay positioned in the same spot for drum racks, or move by octaves quickly.

You can get it here.


Making a Max For Live FCB1010 patch

You can download the device here:

  • Fixed issue with scaling pedal control input. Thanks to GreaterThanZero for proposing a solution!
  • The second pedal now controls the level of send A.
  • All buttons now behave properly as labeled in the UI.
  • There is now a mechanism to prevent disarming the hosting track
  • .

UPDATE 0.3: The graphic is now embedded in the patcher. Sorry for any inconvenience.
The Behringer FCB1010 is an affordable and versatile MIDI foot pedal controller. I've had mine for a couple years, but lately it's been collecting dust. I've rearranged my setup a few times, and just didn't take the time to re-integrate the FCB1010. The main reason for this is because I hate programming it! So the other day I'm checking out some links, and I come across this fantastic video of a guy who creates this amazing ambient music piece by recording the sounds of cooking a fried egg (see it here: He was putting his MIDI foot controller to good use, and his skillful actions inspired me to pull out the FCB1010 once again. Well, that and the realization that Max for Live might make things a heck of a lot easier than they once were.
I started poking around to see if anyone else had done a Max for Live solution, and I found a couple of different things that, when combined, proved to be quite an excellent solution.

Welcome to PraxWorld!

Hello and welcome! PraxWorld is all about sharing my experiences in creating electronic music. The first meaningful post will be documenting my setup with a Behringer FCB-1010 and Max for Live. This walkthrough will draw on a couple of excellent resources that are out there, and put them together in a way that, I fervently hope, will enable me to NEVER have to manually program the FCB-1010 again!!! Stay tuned...