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This site is about sharing my experiences in creating electronic music using Ableton Live, MaxMSP, Reaktor, and many others. I also dabble in circuit bending, photography, and whatever else I can focus on long enough to accomplish something. For years I have been downloading the patches, samples, tracks, information, and general goodness from the people that do these things (and there are many). In some small way I want this blog to give something back to the various communities of creative and technically gifted individuals who are constantly enriching the lives of others through their work. So if I can help to inspire or enlighten, then this blog thing will have served its purpose. And the idea of publishing anything I want in any way I want is also nice.

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  1. have you played with the new arduino Mege and Arduino yet? Doesn’t seem to like firmata and maxuino. Ideas?

  2. Hola desde mexico,
    les dejo algunas de mis creaciones 😀

  3. oh, i´d use your faceplate as well, if that does make things easier to assemble! 🙂

  4. Hi, I am interested in one of your black 16×16 faceplates. Will you be able to ship to Australia? I thought I should ask before ordering.

  5. curious here, I have one of the first generation Monome 40h kits that I’ve been trying to find a faceplate for, for about 2 years now. Just curious if the 64 mk faceplates were the same dimensions as the 40h.

  6. Good afternoon,

    Do you still stock and sell the 8×8 monome faceplate in silver aluminum and ship to the UK?

    Kind Regards,

  7. hey, still have 128 cases available? thanks!

  8. Yo! I’ve already got an 8×16 sparkfun plate from you in black, do you have any 8×8 left in black for sparkfun buttons? I’ve got the brains of another grid waiting for a home.

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