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Handy Maxuino abstraction

If you like making Arduino talk to MaxMSP, there are few things as nice and simple as Maxuino. A while back I wrote about using Maxuino and Firmata, and included my own patch which I unfortunately named "Maxuino simplified". Looking at it now, it doesn't really simplify anything! It did help me with understanding how to use Maxuino, but that's about it. As I bust out my Arduino once again, I have done a bit of work to actually simplify using Maxuino in my patches (see the bottom of this post for the MaxMSP code). I encapsulated Maxuino into a patcher that you can load into a bpatcher object. The inlet accepts OSC messages to Maxuino, the output spits out messages from Maxuino. From the panel you can select a COM port and activate the Maxuino example GUIs since they do come in handy. Here is an action shot:

Another thing I do is use a coll to initialize my pin modes. Put your pin mode settings into the coll using this format:
1, /0/mode 1;
2, /38/mode 2;
3, /39/mode 2;

Connect the coll to the inlet of the Maxuino bpatcher and send a dump message to the coll.

Here is the MaxMSP code (copy to clipboard, open Max, select File, Open from clipboard). Be sure to install Maxuino into your Max search path.

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