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Monome 128 Enclosure Kit

At long last, here are some detailed photos of the Monome 128 enclosure kit. The chassis is a formed piece of sheet metal, with mounting holes that will fit either Arduino or Monome mk logic board:

The end caps are available in walnut or clear polycarbonate. They fit neatly on either end, as shown here:

Six screws hold everything together. They come up through the bottom of the chassis, through the end-caps, and attach to the faceplate itself.

These enclosures are an attractive, durable housing for your Monome!

The kit includes the chassis, end-caps, and all necessary assembly hardware. The faceplate, also shown here, is sold separately.

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  1. this is a beautiful enclosure! i really want to take a crack at making the patchbay detailed earlier in your blog
    good luck friend the monome forums are a very friendly place

    • Thanks, man! That patchbay has been calling me lately, I have some choice components waiting to go in there. Servos driving salvaged slider pots massaged by MaxMSP to drive my SK-1 into deep crash territory. Alas, but for my “day job”!!!

  2. Hey, do you have any 8×8 MK faceplates availablet yet? (black anodised preferably, or normal aluminium)

  3. Do you still sell these enclosures? do they fit the sparkfun button pads for building arduinome?

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