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Monome Enclosure Kits: Coming Soon!

Today I received the first prototype enclosure kits, and they are quite awesome! The instrument feels quite solid. Here is a finished black anodized kit that contains a monome mk with some pretty blue LEDs.

Our first monome enclosure kit prototype!

Once we nail down the pricing we are going to do our first limited edition run. We're doing them in editions to keep manufacturing costs down (batch runs make sheet metal forming and anodizing much cheaper). In addition this will enable us to fulfill orders more rapidly.

Stay tuned for more details!!

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  1. looks very nice, any chance of making these for sparkfun buttons too? Im in need of a nice enclosure for my arduinome.

  2. any idea on the timing for this? i’m super interested…

    • Once we get set on pricing then we’ll put some units up for sale. We’re doing them in batches to save on manufacturing costs.

  3. What’s the status on these kits?

  4. Hi,

    What’s happening with the enclosures? and are the faceplates still available?

    • The enclosure kits will eventually be here, we are looking at the best way to minimize manufacturing costs. Sorry it has taken so long. Faceplates are indeed available, I have a selection here that is ready to ship immediately.

  5. are you thinking about doing them in 128 sparkfun buttons?
    If not, are the 128 faceplates you’re currently selling compatible with bibo’s boards? (they have different hole placement than sparkfun button boards).

    • Unfortunately, the answer is no for both questions. Our first run of kits will be made for monome kit button size, and we currently do not make faceplates to accommodate the Bibo button dimensions. If there is enough demand we could consider doing a run of Bibo-compatible faceplates.

  6. Will-
    I’m incredibly interested in one of the lovely black faceplates, but the comments above have me confused. I’ve got a fresh arduinome on a Bibo 8×8, but the buttons are Sparkfun. Won’t your faceplates still fit because the buttons are the same? Four 4×4 Sparkfun pads in a tight square…

    Let me know! I’d love to support.

  7. i bought a september 2011 Monome Kit, will the enclosures fit this kit?

    • Yes, the enclosures are sized for the current monome kit keypads. The chassis has mounts for the mk logic board. Pricing should be coming along shortly.

  8. Do you reckon you are going to have of these for sale anytime soon?

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