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Tasty Simpler Pad

I was messing with my favorite synth u-he Ace, and totally getting into this one pad patch I made. Unfortunately even my powerful quad-core computer was brought to its knees by the magnitude of all those stacked voices and shimmering polyphonic glory. When you want to add on voices and bump up the playback quality you have to pay a price for that super awesome sound. One option is freezing tracks. For a little more effort you can sample it and have a nice patch that you can actually jam with, and share with your friends!

I went ahead and sampled some notes, put together a little patch in Ableton Sampler, and put some granular pitch shifting and stuff at the end. It came out great so here it is. I converted it to Simpler format so any Ableton Live user can use it. With this particular patch under Ace even one note consumes around 30% CPU, chords can easily max out the CPU. In Simpler it remains around 1% CPU. Dang I love sampling. It is saved in Ableton Live Pack (.alp) format. I am probably making another version this time with the voices all near the same pitch (this pad is in fifths).

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High Fives to Mi Padre!!!

We've received some very positive feedback from our first round of faceplate customers! Many thanks to my father, consummate professional and CNC artist extraordinaire.

From the monome forums:

My faceplate arrived (very quickly I might add) and is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful job and thanks very much for providing this service so affordably! - syscrusher Nov 10th 2010

Just got a lovely package. These look incredible! What length screws do you recommend?Seriously, excellent job and thank you! - flplsx Nov 1st 2010

WIN! they look great, thanks dear sir! - Active Nov 1st 2010

Amazing quality! If anyone is on the fence about getting a faceplate from Will, don't be. These faceplates are machined beautifully and everything fits exactly. Great work dude! - hawktopus Nov 2nd 2010

great job! got mine today. was giddy as hell opening the package. my aluminum 64 looks and feels perfect. rock on will! give your padre a high five for me. looking forward to the bottom plates. - prefix Nov 4th 2010

Thanks to all of you, and we have some cool new stuff on the way including the fabled bottom plates. Stay tuned!

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monome faceplates now available in black

The winter monome building season is upon us! We're pleased to announce that our monome faceplates are now available in black anodized as well as the traditional clear anodized finish.

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Faceplate Photos

Here are some shots of the monome faceplates that we sell. UPDATE: Here is an aluminum 256 fresh from the platers:

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