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monome mk: Adding an Accelerometer

I'm having a great time building my monome mk, inhaling solder fumes and feeling pretty confident about my skills. But not too confident! I finished assembling the driver board and it came out great. Then I applied 64 dots of solder to the keypad board, in preparation for 64 SMD diodes. But before unpacking those diodes I decided to install my SparkFun accelerometer (ADXL322 +/-2g) on the logic board. I basically did what thealphanerd suggested in this post:

connect the gnd to gnd, the VDD to 5V and x + Y to two of the analogue pins (such as 0 and 1)

I first attached a header pin to the breakout board VCC and GND. Then I soldered wires to X and Y. Then I connected wire X to analog 0, and wire Y to analog 1. Finally, I flipped it around and soldered the pin headers into the logic board GND and 5V. I stuck a little adhesive foam bumper disc to the gap for a bit of added stability. It came out so pretty I had to show it off:

In this shot you can see the foam disc:

Now I just have to cross my fingers that it will work once I plug everything in!!!

One important note: The accelerometer board would need to be mounted AFTER the pinouts for JP4 (if you are using JP4, like say if you are building a 256). It could probably rest really nicely on top of the pinout header. Since this particular unit is a 64 those pinouts won't be used.

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