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SevenUp Live is KICK-ASS!!!

Okay I just installed SevenUp Live, and I have to say it's one of the sleekest most comprehensive packages for use with Monome/Arduinome controllers and Ableton Live. It has been out for a while in various forms, but judging from this version it's safe to say its creator has really spent a lot of time and effort making this software tight, functional, and fun as hell. It's like a Swiss army knife for Live. Seriously, this thing has got a step sequencer, sequencer, looper, controller, loop recorder, melodizer, and masterizer. Oh, and it's free. It supports multiple Monomes which is great because I've got like 6 of them. Just kidding, I have 10. Still kidding. I have barely gotten started on the step sequencer and I'm already salivating. This thing is going to make my Bliptronic the ultimate companion to my APC40.